Be Mobile with VoIP

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Many people often ask us what is the true value of VoIP?  After all, what was wrong with traditional phone service that VoIP came in as its replacement.  The simple answer is that there wasn’t anything really wrong with traditional phone service, but as we become more mobile and less tied to a physical location, a new standard had to emerge.  That standard is VoIP.  VoIP allows us to use a phone that simply needs an Internet connection and regardless of its location, can make a call and act as if it is a part of the same location.  This has huge benefits for mobile sales people or mobile techs.  For us at Gamma Tech, we have both and we therefore very much enjoy the mobility it offers.  It also allows for businesses with multiple locations to act as if they are one without the headaches that this would be with traditional phone service.

For us, launching GT Voice has been an interesting and long process, but in the end, we are VERY excited by the many features that we can bring to our customers.  More than anything, we are excited to have direct control over this and provide an excellent level of service to our customers.  It’s an exciting time in technology as a whole, but we are just beginning to see all that the Internet can do for us, and VoIP is definitely a huge benefactor of its growth.

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