Residential Security in Naples

Whether you’re a full-time Naples resident or just here for the season, securing your home is the best way you can have peace of mind and keep your home and family safe.

Security cameras​​

Your security cameras are the eyes in and around your home. We install high quality and colored night vision cameras so you can know what's going on at all times, whether you're at home or far away.​

Outdoor residential security camera installed by Gamma Tech
Security alarm mounted on wall

Alarm systems​

Be alerted for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and burglary. We provide 24/7, 365 days a year of professional monitoring of your home security system.

Smart doorbells & door locks​

See who’s at the front door when you’re on the couch or at the beach. Integrate it with your smart home to have the chime play over your music speakers to ensure you never miss a guest.​

Control4 Chime smart doorbell

Why trust Gamma Tech to secure your home?

We’re are a licensed security company.
FL License #EG13000578


We provide 24/7, 365 days a year of professional monitoring of your security system.

No need for a separate phone line or home phone as all of our systems are cellular connected.

We’ll continue to service your systems after installation.

Our Process


Sit down with our consultants to discuss your needs and explore our solutions.


Our team designs your system to your exact desires and gets your approval before installation.


Our expert technicians install, program, and integrate all your home technology.


We continue to support your system for 1 year including reprogramming and retraining. We don’t walk away until you’re satisfied.