Commercial Security in Naples

When it comes to securing your business, Gamma Tech provides you with comprehensive security solutions so you can protect your most valuable assets, meet compliance standards, and know what’s going on at all times.

High-definition security cameras​

Have eyes on the ground at all times and get alerts for any suspicious activity. Our technicians install business-class HD security cameras that can see in the dark and integrate with your security system.

A security camera with the Gamma Tech logo
Gamma Tech employee entering his access code to enter a building

Access control​

Access control enhances your physical security allowing you to easily manage and get insight into who enters your business and when.​

Easily manage employee turnover by giving your employees their own key cards or PIN numbers so you can know exactly who’s entering and when.

Add automation like preventing access during off-hours or making highly secure areas only accessible to specific employees.

Meet compliance and in the event of a security incident, search the audit trail.

Alarm systems​

Protect your business and have peace of mind when you leave for the day knowing your business is protected with our advanced security systems.​

Security alarm mounted on wall
Cybersecurity technicians in conference room meeting

Need Cybersecurity? We’ve got you covered.

With the growing threat of cyberattacks, your physical security needs to be complimented with Cybersecurity. Gamma Tech provides your business with a complete Cybersecurity infrastructure to ensure your business is safe and ready to handle the next cyberattack.