Commercial Audio & Video in Naples

From conference room TVs to background lobby music, we provide a comprehensive set of Audio & Video solutions for your business.


Conference rooms & beyond​

Upgrade your conference room, boardroom, or training room with our custom-designed video solutions.​

We integrate TVs for common business use cases such as conference rooms, boardrooms, and training rooms.

We install professional laser projectors and screens that disappear seamlessly into a ceiling.

Upgrade your lobby with our digital signage and video wall solutions.

Epson commercial projector installed by Gamma Tech Services
Ceiling speakers inside a commercial building


We install professional, high-quality speakers that fit seamlessly into your ceilings.​

We install distributed audio for music, commonly found in lobbies, dealerships, gyms, and restaurants.

Enhance the privacy of your office or lobby conversations by introducing ambient sound generated from sound masking devices.

Networking & WiFi​​

When it comes to running your business in the digital age, having a fast, reliable, and secure network is essential for ensuring business success and security. From small offices to multi-floor buildings, we design, install, and manage mission-critical networks.​

Ruckus Access Point being installed by a Gamma Tech Services technician
Gamma Tech technician terminating ethernet wires

Structured wiring & fiber​

Whether you’re building a new office, moving into a new space, or wanting to update your current system, the wiring infrastructure is vital to all of your technology needs. From pre-construction wiring to retrofitting an existing building, our expert technicians can meet all your wiring needs for:
• Fiber
• Coax
• Speaker
• Security

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