Low Voltage Technicians

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All successful businesses and franchises require reliable, standardized IT and communication systems to manage customer service and operational workflow. No matter if your business is already open or construction has just begun, hiring a Low Voltage IT and Communication Systems Installer to install business phones, security cameras, computers, TVs, WIFI, low voltage wiring, and sound systems, can greatly benefit you and your business.  Many businesses are unaware of low voltage installers and often hire an electrician to install these types of business assets.  Here is why choosing a Low Voltage Technician is the best choice for your next project.


Low voltage wiring is something that every business needs. Unless you are skilled in low voltage wiring installation and maintenance, outsourcing it is the most cost-effective way of installing it. However, many franchises usually do not know about low voltage installation businesses, like Gamma Tech and more often than not they hire a licensed electrician to install their TVs, phones, and other IT components, which is not the most cost-effective way of installing it.

An electrician is a specialized tradesman that is licensed to install and maintain dangerous, high voltage, electrical systems and the cost of their supplies is high.  As a result, their flat hourly rate will reflect these costs regardless of what they are installing.  Because of this, it is considerably cheaper to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Low Voltage Technician.


Low Voltage Technicians do much more than installing motion detectors, security cameras and computers.  Their expertise has grown to include not only being a specially trained individual of all low voltage systems, but also someone with a great deal of IT knowledge.  Since businesses are becoming more technologically dependent, low voltage contractors must keep up with the newest technology innovations and have a broader IT skill set than your standard electrician.

After Installation Support

What comes after the installation is the number one benefit to hiring a Low Voltage Technician over your local electrician.  Gamma Tech Services does not only offer installation services, but we also offer remote support as well as data protection and monitoring.  The team that installed your computers, phones, wifi, cameras, sound systems, TVs and more, is the same team that receives your IT support calls and protects your data from threats, saving your businesses cost in the long-run.

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