Commercial Phone Systems in Naples

Upgrade your phone system to GTVoice, our dedicated VoIP service. We design, install, and maintain your phone system so you can have a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use voice experience for your business.

Call from anywhere​

• Use professional configured desk phones with LCD displays and advanced features.
• Call right from your cell phone with the 3CX app; great for remote teams.
• Skip the phones and call straight from your web browser so you can stay productive.

VoIP Phone with GTVoice logo on display screen

Powerful user management​

• See who's talking to who and set status indicators for agents.
• Manage contacts and agents through the admin dashboard.


• Configure a digital receptionist (IVR) with menu options so you can efficiently route and manage calls.
• When it gets busy, queue up waiting calls until the next agent is available.
• Have voicemails automatically sent to your email.

3CX dashboard showcasing call queue
3CX dashboard showcasing status

Gain insights into your phone operations​

• Record all calls for quality assurance, training, and legal purposes.
• Monitor live calls with listen, whisper, and barge.
• Generate reports and logs to see detailed insights into calling history and follow the call logs to find out exactly what happened.