Inside A Smart Home

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Automating your home is fun and exciting, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Here are some of the options available for how to automate your home. Start out slowly, build onto your current automated house system, or incorporate all these systems into a new construction project.

Lighting & Appliance Control

-Program indoor and outdoor lights to turn on and off according to a schedule or event.

-Automate light scenes entirely with one button push. For example, a keychain remote can initiate your “At Home” security mode and lighting scene, so you never again have to drive up to a dark home. Or your “Home Theater” scene might dim your lights, close the drapes, turn on entertainment components, and start the popcorn maker!

Structured wiring

-A structured wiring system can distribute the fastest, most reliable high-speed Internet throughout your home. These hard-wired connections give you crystal clear streaming video, hi-fi digital audio, reliable online gaming and blazing fast Internet.

Home Audio/Video

– Distribute music from one location throughout your entire home with a whole-home distribution system.

– Control speaker volume in each room individually or all at the same time.

– Choose from in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, surround sound, subwoofers and more. Make outdoor entertainment fun with outdoor speakers – some even look like rocks!

– Don’t want to run wires throughout your home? Wireless audio distribution systems are available and reliable too!

We pride ourselves on creating systems that look great and are easy to use.  Whether new construction, remodels, or just wanting to update your existing system, Gamma Tech Services is your one stop shop for all your technology needs.

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