Benefits of Motorized Shading Systems

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Are you considering motorized shades and drapes for your home? Are you fascinated by motorized shades but not quite sure what all the benefits are? If so, you are not alone.

Many homeowners who are considering motorized options for their window treatments have their interest intrigued by some aspect of a motorized shading solution but are not quite sure if that is worth the investment.  Here, we will talk about some of the top benefits that are associated with motorized window treatments, and help you make a knowledgeable decision about what benefits you can expect from your motorized shades or drapes.


Swapping out conventional window coverings for a motorized alternative that can be controlled remotely or by the press of a button as the day progresses is a much more convenient way of limiting the amount of light entering the room.  Use one remote or smart device to control all of your motorized window treatments or schedule your shade adjustments to automatically occur throughout the day.

The Right Amount of Natural Light

Some environments such as conference rooms work better in low light.  With the combination of lighting and shade control, you can achieve the perfect setting and make it   easier to see what is being presented.

When the sun beams through your windows, it may provide a comfy patch of light for your puppy to sleep in, but over time it can wash out all the colors that find themselves in its path. While you may not want to live in a dark cave, lowering your shades during the brightest part of the day can extend the life of your furniture, rugs, and even your wall paint. Family photos will also be protected from unintentional aging.


When the shades move up and down throughout the day, your house looks as if someone is there, even when you might be hundreds of miles away.  Most control systems allow the shades (and the lights) to operate in a random pattern rather than on a predictable schedule, giving your home a real lived-in appearance.  This could make your home less of a target and may also prevent someone from taking an unauthorized peek.

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits of motorized shading systems, it makes sense to start thinking about budget, whether you want to motorize all of the window treatments in your home, or just certain rooms, and where this project falls in your home remodel or renovation budget. With so many benefits of a motorized shading system, you will soon love your home even more with these added features.

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