Enjoy Outdoor Entertainment in SWFL with Landscape Speakers

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With an average of 266 days of sun per year in SWFL, we like to bring the entertainment outside.  No matter how you plan to use your backyard, make sure not to forget the most important ingredient to any gathering: the music.

By incorporating landscape speakers into your outdoor entertainment system, you can amplify the fun in every corner of your backyard with the touch of a button.  No matter the size of your outdoor space, properly placed landscape speakers will let you enjoy high-quality sound in any part of your backyard.  From the patio to the hot tub, your music will follow you wherever you go, thanks to evenly distributed satellite speakers and subwoofers that cover your backyard with high-end audio.  Not only do landscape speakers produce crystal clear sound, but they are also designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and to perform at their best no matter the conditions outside.

Say goodbye to audio dropouts, muffled sound, and uneven volumes.

Hidden strategically throughout your garden beds and foliage, landscape speakers offer stunning sound while keeping eyes on the natural attraction of your backyard.  In addition to properly placed satellite speakers, every subwoofer is safely buried underground, exposing only the cap for a powerful, camouflaged bass.  Unlike dedicated patio speakers, landscape speakers cover every inch of your exterior environment with evenly distributed audio of your choice.

Patio speakers offer decent stereo sound, but that sound is limited only to your patio. Once you walk away to grab yourself a beverage or take a dip in the pool, that sound trails away.  Creating an evenly distributed soundscape in an uncontrolled environment can be difficult if you are unsure of where to best install your speakers and subwoofers.  In many cases, living on the water can even cause the audio to amplify as it travels above the water’s surface, which may result in frustrated neighbors who do not want to hear your music.  When we install your landscape speakers, we will create a sound field that points back to your house instead of out toward the water so that it does not reflect onto your waterfront and amplify into your neighbors’ yards.  Your music will stay within the confines that we set instead of getting lost outside the perimeter of your home.

Our team at Gamma Tech is ready to help you bump up the outdoor fun this season with a dynamic and reliable landscape speaker system that promises future enjoyment for the whole family.

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