The Importance of Organized A/V Cabling

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While your A/V equipment rack may be hidden and out of sight, it is important to keep it clean and tidy as this will be your command center workstation.  The benefits of a properly dressed A/V rack go beyond just “looking good”.  It will help make your system operate great as well.  This is where the core of your system lives, and it is important to maintain.  Here are a few reasons to place importance on a well-managed and dressed rack.

-When your A/V rack is installed correctly and organized, the cables and connections will be easier to trace.  This will eliminate any confusion about which source leads to which output, while your tech is servicing or changing out any equipment or making any updates.  This will also help prevent any unnecessary stress due to overwhelming and unorganized cable management.

-An organized rack will also allow your equipment to breathe easier.  Avoiding messy cabling will let the fans do their job and help to keep your equipment cooler.  This will effectively make your equipment cool down and last longer.

-One of the most important reasons in having a well-dressed rack is to avoid electromagnetic interference.  It is very important that the power source is routed separately from your Category wires and audio and video cables.  Separating these cables will reduce interference in your system and allow it to run as smoothly as possible, which is critical, as your system is running 24/7.

Your A/V rack may not be the central focus and wow factor of your home but keeping it well maintained and wired correctly will ensure that your command center operates correctly to allow future enjoyment of your Audio/Video system.

At Gamma Tech, we will help you with your installation from concept through completion and offer ongoing support after your project has been installed.


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