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Ride Nature

At Gamma Tech we are grateful for so many things. We are blessed with a great team, great customers, and a great opportunity to serve Southwest Florida in so many capacities. We are always excited to be able to come along and support different business and organizations that are making an impact on the community […]

Building a Home? Your Technology is a Service

If you’ve ever built a home, you are well aware of the MANY decisions that need to be made in order for that home to be built. If it’s a custom home, it’s only exaggerated. But, few items in your home are like the technology solution you choose. Let me explain. The floor in your […]

The Reason for Blog Silence

If you’re a reader of our blog, let me apologize for the delay in updating it. It hasn’t been for naught though. As you most likely know, we are moving, and the move has been consuming all of our extra time and energy, normally spent on our blog. The list of improvements for the new […]

Facebook Newsfeed Explained

If you’ve seen pictures going around or your friends complaining about Facebook “hiding” your posts from your friends, than you’ll be interested in understanding the truth. First of all, they are right in that your news feed is not a comprehensive list of all your FB friends’ posts. There is an algorithm that FB applies […]

The Internet is Changing

The Internet is changing, and it’s changing for the better. Gamma.Tech That’s not a mistake. It’s actually our new web address, and it’s thanks to something called gTLDs. gTLDs were created to freshen up Internet web addresses by providing more endings to web addresses. Instead of .com, for example, we now have literally hundreds of […]

Your Dreams Need a Pro

You just got a new entertainment system and you hook it all up. It’s great but you suddenly realize you have to use 7 different remotes just to use the TV. No worries. You pick up a Logitech Harmony remote at Best Buy that promises to be user programmable and problem is solved… Except when […]

8 Sound Proofing Tips

If you are wanting to build a media or theater room, it’s important to consider how you’ll use the system. Will enjoying the system at louder volumes result in an inconvenience to others in your home or perhaps neighbors if you share walls? Then, you should consider sound proofing. But before you do, there are […]

Pay to Play

At Gamma Tech Services we always try to be as upfront as possible. There’s no hiding we are here to make a sale, but at the end of the day, we are looking for happy customers—not quick profits. When buying a home technology system, it’s important to understand that with more features and ease of use, […]

“Moving on Up”

“It’s a great space! It’ll take us a while to fill this up.” It was just one and a half years ago that we moved into our current space and said those words and yet here we are being forced to move before our lease is even up. For those that haven’t been to our […]

Our Unique Perspective

  So many of our potential customers ask us what makes us different from our competition. Although the list is long, one of our stronger reasons is our unique perspective from which we approach project designs. Most audio video business owners come from a particular background in the technology world. For some, they come from […]