Time for a New TV? Manufacturers Think So!

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When’s the best time to buy a TV?  The answer truly depends on what kind of buyer you are, but regardless of the type of buyer you are, summer is probably the right answer.  Why Summer?  Summer is when manufactures get the old out and bring in the new.  More accurately it’s right about now.  Late Spring and early Summer. This is great news for the shopper that is looking for a great deal and it’s also great news for the shopper who likes to have the latest and greatest.

For the value shopper, you’ll find that you can buy “last year’s” model for a huge savings.  Our go-to TV for our customers has been Samsung’s 7150 series TVs.  They offer excellent motion clarity and color reproduction in a very thin design, but they are most definitely not inexpensive.  But, in the last month these TVs have been anywhere between 25% to 50% off!  That’s an incredible deal.  Quite often, you might be able to afford a TV that has a picture quality that exceeds that of the “new” models simply because it is a step up from the line that would fit your budget if the discount didn’t exist.  With TVs, newer isn’t always better and quite often, you get what you pay for… unless you are buying a premium model that has been discounted for the next premium model to follow it.

Prefer to have the latest and greatest?  Well now is a good time for you as well as “next year’s” models are being released to replace the current models.  Often you’ll find that the pricing on these new models isn’t as bad as you might think.  Sure they will be cheaper with time, especially this time next year, but just like buying a new car, the best way to enjoy the new TV for the longest period is to buy it when it is just coming out.  You’ll also find that warranty repairs and parts will be easier to find since the TV is expected to be manufactured for the rest of the year.  And if you prefer to always have the latest TV, you’ll find that you can flip the TV you purchase today many months from now and still have the most current TV model available.  You might be surprised what you can get for it.  Like cars, this is never a smart move in the long run, but if you always want the latest, this is the best way to get it done without completely breaking the bank.

So if you are thinking of getting a TV in the near future, now is probably the right time.  4K has finally become affordable and as we prepare to wash out last year’s models, you’ll find some excellent deals or maybe you can splurge and get a new Super Ultra High Definition TV from Samsung for their 2015 line up.

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