Security You’ll Actually Use

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Traditional security systems really haven’t changed in many years and unfortunately are crippled by the limited information that they provide. Often we are simply notified of an alarm going off, but we don’t have any information regarding the reason.   Many times it is a false alarm, causing us to simply believe it is “crying wolf” or worse we find we don’t even bother to use the system.

At Gamma Tech Services we present true security that isn’t just binary on/off but instead uses intelligence to alert you of abnormal activities without you even needing to arm the system. We can apply rules and take different actions based on if it’s night or day, if you are home or away, and which doors/windows are opened. Combine this intelligence with security cameras that can provide visual confirmation when you are away and you have security that is truly worth using.

Perhaps one of our favorite features is our auto arming and disarming of the security system. We can do this based on a couple rules such as at a certain time each night, during the day if no one is home, and really anything else you can imagine. And when your security system is integrated into your whole home automation system you’ll find that you’ll use your security much more. We can program a single “Goodbye” button that arms the security system, turns off all the lights, turns off the music and TVs, and locks the doors.

At Gamma Tech Services we may not be marketed as a “security” company, but in actuality we provide complete, true security that you’ll actually use. Your home is worth protecting, trust Gamma Tech Services with your security needs!

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