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At Gamma Tech Services we always try to be as upfront as possible. There’s no hiding we are here to make a sale, but at the end of the day, we are looking for happy customers—not quick profits. When buying a home technology system, it’s important to understand that with more features and ease of use, often comes more maintenance.

I compare this to buying a new car. You can purchase a basic Honda Civic which has no cruise or navigation, or you can buy a Mercedes with laser guided cruise, lane departure warning, leather seats, and a full navigation system. All of these systems are there to add luxury and to make the car safer to use. What’s important to note however is that all of these systems introduce additional points of failure and most of the time will increase your total maintenance required.

At Gamma Tech Services we are “Mercedes” dealers. Maybe Mercedes isn’t the best analogy, but fill in your favorite luxury brand and we’ll go with that. You may wonder, “Didn’t you just make a case for not buying a Mercedes and now are comparing Gamma Tech with that?” I did, and I am.

The difference is that we do two things to provide all the pros of having a “luxury” system without the cons I just discussed, and after all, let’s not forget why we buy these luxury brands in the first place and the conveniences they afford.

First, we only install systems and designs that are well tested and have a history of excellent quality control. This is important in the technology world. Sometimes the newest, coolest item on the market isn’t necessarily the most reliable. At Gamma Tech we spend quite a bit of time and money developing a perfect balance of features, reliability, and price. None of our competition does this to the same level. At times we have lost jobs due to a competitor willing to supply a feature that simply isn’t ready for prime time. With us, it’s something we will not do.

Secondly and most importantly, is our 1 year guarantee. No one offers anything like it. We will truly stand behind our design and products for an entire year. If we need to come out every day, we will, without sending you a single invoice. It is with this in mind that we design every job. We cannot sell systems that require constant maintenance or training. They will simply cease to be profitable and therefore put us out of business.

So what should you take away from this article?

  1. Buying an audio video system that is installed by a professional will require professional maintenance and repair.
  2. Gamma Tech Services only installs the most reliable and easy to use systems.
  3. Gamma Tech Services stands behind each and every design for an entire year after install. Every other company will bill you hourly and financially benefit from installing more complex, less reliable systems.

As I opened this blog, I said that we are here to be as upfront as possible with our customers. Sometimes that means exposing some industry secrets that no one wants to really address, but in the end we feel it would be a disservice to our customers. Buy from Gamma Tech Services and you can rest assured that you can buy once and cry once.

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