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So many of our potential customers ask us what makes us different from our competition. Although the list is long, one of our stronger reasons is our unique perspective from which we approach project designs.

Most audio video business owners come from a particular background in the technology world. For some, they come from an electrical background. Others it’s a security background, and for others it’s an “old school” audio video background.

But we believe our background is truly unique and something that none of our Naples competition shares. A background in Networking.

Some may wonder what networking has to do with audio video and why it gives us an advantage, but when you understand that networking is the foundation of all future technology, it starts to become more clear.

Networking is the framework and the glue that holds everything together. Without networking you have no internet. Without networking you have no streaming video or music. Without networking you have no way to control your equipment with your mobile devices. The list goes on and on.

Without networking all you have is a bunch of equipment instead of a unified, easy to use entertainment system.

So we can agree that networking is important, but you may not realize that networking doesn’t either work or not work, but instead provides a level of 3 elements: speed, reliability, and security. So often we find that our competition installs networks that offer a dismal level of each of 3 these elements and ultimately the customer is the one hurt. Worse is that some good products are blamed for poor performance or reliability due to networking inexperience from the installers and designers.

What makes networking such a challenge for so many audio video companies is that it is something that is very abstract and not nearly as “hands on” as the rest of audio video. In addition, so many installers believe that just spending more on the equipment will yield better reliability, speed, and security. This is true to a certain extent, but like a quality paint brush, networking equipment is only as good as the painter that holds it.

Reality is that there is nothing “sexy” about quality networking, but like a foundation to your home, networking is the foundation to your technology. Trust the pros at Gamma Tech Services and rest assured that the foundation to your system is solid.


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