Video Distribution: a Luxury You Can’t Afford to Not Have

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If you’re looking for the ultimate audio/video experience in your home, consider video distribution.

Video distribution can seem hard to understand because it is so foreign to many people, but the idea is actually pretty simple.

So what is video distribution you ask? Video distribution is an idea that lets multiple TVs share multiple sources. The advantage? You can watch any source on any TV. In addition, it can also save you money on sources as you only need as many devices as you want to watch at anyone time. In other words, if you have 8 TVs you no longer need 8 cable boxes but instead can get 3 that would be shared amongst the 8 TVs. This saves on your monthly bill from your cable provider but also has another consequence.

Now each member of the family can have their own cable box and DVR to view on any TV. This means you can not only view any recording on any TV, but you can segregate your recordings from your husband/wife. If you want a blu-ray player to watch movies, you now only need 1 for the entire home instead of 1 for every TV. Apple TV? Just 1 needed.

The other great thing about video distribution is that you can truly start something in one room and finish it in another… And this is true for every source whether it’s cable TV, a movie, or something on your Apple TV.

If you’re a sports fan, video distribution is basically made for you. You can subscribe to both Comcast and DirectTV to enjoy Comcast reliability while also enjoying NFL ticket and other DirectTV luxuries. Best of all you only need one DirectTV box and now all of your TV’s will have the option of either Comcast or DirectTV.

Video distribution also lets you easily sync TVs if you wanted to. This is great for parties and other environments where you might be moving throughout the house enjoying a show. Pickup the remote and change the channel in one room and watch as all of the other TVs tuned to that cable box also change channels. No more running around having to change channels on each TV.

Finally, video distribution allows for a truly wireless look to all of your TV’s. Instead of requiring each TV to have messy equipment underneath, all of the equipment lives in a nice and clean rack in a centralized location. Now you can have just a TV hanging on your wall but have access to seemingly unlined content.

If you’re building a new home, remodeling your current home, or just looking to revamp your audio video, consider video distribution and trust no one but the pros at Gamma Tech Services. With our unique 1 year guarantee on parts, labor, and training, you can rest assured you’re making a wise investment!



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