Fixing Your Own PC Could Cost You

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Today we had yet another customer who ended up with a larger than expected invoice due to a decision to fix her own computer. She needed a software to open a file she couldn’t previously open and downloaded a software that promised to do the trick. It most certainly did the trick, but not the kind of trick she wanted.

She ended up with a computer loaded full of malware and tools that brought up ad after ad on her computer. Thankfully, like most of these issues, we were able to remove the problem softwares and get the computer back up to speed. What’s sad however is that it could have been avoided with a simple call to our office and some good antivirus software. Her computer is now protected properly with Gamma Tech Anti-Virus and she’s educated on what not to do. Hopefully, you can learn from her mistake and avoid the pain of an expensive invoice.

Give us a call before you play PC doctor. In the end, it may be something we can just help with over the phone, or if nothing else we can save you quite a bit compared to the potential damage the “fix” could cause.

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