5 Awesome Ways to Hide Your TV

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We have made great strides in TVs in the last 15 years. Even in the last 10 years we have gone from fat, ugly flat screen TVs to super thin and light flat screens. And we all know the vast improvement in picture quality.

Despite these improvements, in some places, it still is far from ideal to have a TV seen on the wall. Interior Designers find that it acts as a black hole in the wall and conflicts with many designs or maybe even blocks a beautiful view out of a window. Thankfully, there are many different options for hiding the TV. Here are 5 methods that we use most often.

– Art Screens – Art Screens go by a variety of different names but they all share a similar design. They are a very innovative idea that basically puts a picture frame around the TV and retractable piece of art that rolls in front of the TV. When you want to watch TV, push a button and the art rolls up and reveals the TV. What’s great about them is that they can be installed in both new and retro construction environments. This means you don’t need to tear up or modify your wall to make the design work. On the negative, you must choose from a list of available prints or supply a copy of the digital print which is sometimes difficult to acquire and the medium is limited to a canvas type printed material. For the art connoisseuisseur, it’s not the best option.

– Art Lifts and Slides – Art Lifts and Slides come in a variety of different designs. The principle is basically to place a piece of canvas or framed art over a TV that is then physically lifted or slide out of the way when watching TV. The art can even be two pieces that split and slide apart to reveal the TV. The effect gives a little bit more of a “wow” factor than even the Art Screens and they also allow you to bring your own art. This means you can truly use any piece of art that fits the size criteria. The disadvantage is that this is limited to a new or remodel construction environment. Typically the wall must be built out to allow the TV to be flush in the wall. It’s a solution that requires a little bit more planning.

– Mirror TVs – Mirror TVs are a fun option. They allow for your TV to be covered by a mirror that when the TV is turned on, becomes see through. The effect is fun and like all of these methods, it brings a great “wow” factor. It’s a solution that can be applied in a retro environment without modifying the wall, or it can even be installed behind bathroom mirrors in a remodel or new construction setting. The biggest disadvantage is that the mirrors present a good deal of glare that is not ideal for rooms with lots of windows. The mirror also reduces some of the contrast. We don’t recommend them for the main TV in the home but they are an excellent solution for bedrooms and other areas that have lower amounts of ambient light.

– Under Bed Lift – The under bed lift almost has to be seen to believe it, but basically it is exactly as it sounds. It allows for a TV to be placed under the bed and then come out and rise at the foot of the bed when it’s time to watch. It’s an excellent solution when you want to keep the walls clean and give the ultimate “wow” favors. It is friendly to retro environments as it simply is installed under the bed. The biggest disadvantage is cost. Expect to pay 25k for the device plus install and the TV.

– Ceiling Drop – Ceiling Drops are easy to understand. It simply allows a TV to be placed in a ceiling and have it flip down when needed. If you’ve been in an SUV or Van with a drop down screen, you’re familiar with the idea. Like the screen in vehicles, the biggest disadvantage is that it can be easily seen even though it is flush with the ceiling. It is also not inexpensive and requires attic access or a new construction/remodel environment. But, these are ideal in rooms with limited wall space or rooms with large windows that we often find in Naples beach homes with rooms overlooking the water.

We at Gamma Tech Services strive to be very designer friendly and often times a TV simply doesn’t fit into the design or blocks a beautiful view of the Gulf. If you’re looking for an Audio Video company that understands the value in keeping technology hidden when needed, give us a call. We are SWFL’s go to choice for Interior Designers.

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