QLED vs OLED and what high end TV is right for you? (Breaking down the two titans of TV’s)

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If you’re in the market for a new TV there’s no doubt you’ve heard the terms OLED and QLED. 94% of American homes have an HD TV but is “keeping up with the Jones’s” worth it?  whats the difference between the two? and which one is right for you?
Let Gamma Tech Services be your AV experts and provide insights into the two top of the line models.

1. Definitions
3. Which TV is better and which is right for you?

Lets start with the basics and define both terms.
QLED is an acronym for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. The term LED has been around for awhile now. The important part is the Q. Quantum Dots offer a different way for LED screens to produce color. Traditional LED’s use white diodes with color filters. QLED’s diodes range in super small (quantum) sizes and produce different colors based on their size. The takeaway is QLED’s can produce more heavily saturated and more precise colors compared to traditional LED’s. QLED’s are exclusively produced by Samsung.
OLED is an acronym for Organic Light Emitting Diode. What this means is OLED’s (unlike other led’s) do not require back lighting. This allows each individual diode to light up or turn off separately. On your current TV, look at a dark scene. Notice how the black color actually looks dark gray? That’s because the diodes are still producing light or light is bleeding from an adjacent lit area. With OLED’s you experience pure blacks and extreme contrast because specific diodes are turned off thus producing no light.

The battle of the top TV tech. Both are top of the line technologies and both will likely take a chunk from your wallet but which one is best? There’s no simple answer, so let’s go through the pros and cons in comparison to each other.
1. Even the base model QLED’S can become extremely bright if needed. Have a ton of natural light in your room? This may be the better option.
2. Low input lag. Gamer’s rejoice, these QLED’s have an excellent input lag time. The 2018 version has recorded lag-time of just 15.4ms. No excuse to lose a match on this TV.
3. 10 year no burn in guarantee. These QLED’s are not susceptible to burn-in like other TV’s. Great for not retaining that ESPN or CNN logo.
4. QLED’s produce incredibly bright, vibrant and diverse colors.
5. Price. Generally you can find a QLED somewhat cheaper than an OLED.
1. QLED’s still require back lighting. Meaning light is emitted in sections as apposed to OLED’s lighting individual diodes. This means blacks won’t be as pure and contrast not as great in comparison.
2. QLED is more of a refinement of technology than the next-gem product Samsung is claiming it to be.
1. Light is emitted on a pixel-by-pixel basis, so complete black can be right next to bright white with neither impacting each other. This gives you deep blacks and amazing contrast.
2. No light bleeding because there’s no back light. Each diode can operate individually without effect the others because they light up themselves. 
3. OLED’s tend to be lighter and slimmer than a typical LED panel.
4. Significantly wider viewing angles. Great for bigger spaces. don’t worry about sitting directly in front of these TV’s.
1. Very expensive to produce. While the prices continue to lower, OLED panels don’t come cheap.
2. Brightness isn’t great. Comparative to QLED’s, a lot of natural light will affect your enjoyment of these TV’s.
3. Input lag and burn in. While both of these key points for gamer’s are worse in comparison to QLED’s, they continue to improve with every model release. Neither should be a deciding factor as burn in should only occur in extreme circumstances and input lag has been lowered significantly in the recent years.

Which TV is better and which TV is right for you?
While the OLED’s picture slightly edges out the QLED’s, the benefits of QLED’s make this race too close to call. Both TV’s are top of the line and both TV’s will be a beautiful addition to your project.
A lot of the when and which concerning purchasing a TV is dependent on your environment, your project, and your personal preference.

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