Cord Cutting (Should you make this switch)

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 It’s 2019 and cable is reminding you more and more of Sear’s and Toy’s R Us by not adapting to the times. “That’s it” you mutter to yourself. “I’m taking these cable boxes back and streaming everything!” … but wait, is it really that easy? can you get all of the content you had before? Are hallmark movies and Sunday Night Football still viable without a cable box? The answer is yes but it may not go as smooth as you’d hope. keep reading and gamma tech will break this down for you.
Table of Contents
1. Live TV Options
2. Streaming Options
3. Should you Switch?


Live TV Options
So you’re cutting the cord with the cable company but you still need your live TV. Don’t worry, there are actually many options available to you. It all depends on what you want to watch.
If basic local channels are all you need than a simple HD antenna may be a great fit for you. Plug that baby in, set it in a viable location and channels 1-20 are more than likely yours. Fox, ABC, CBS, and PBS are accessible for zero dollars a month. The problems with antennas are their poor and unreliable reception. Remember the old bunny ears you had to move every couple weeks to get a clear picture? These antenna’s are the same technology. Easy to install and easy to cause headaches.
Okay, so the chance of missing the last play of the Super Bowl scares you and you don’t want an antenna. There are other options available although we left the realm of no monthly charges. Live TV streaming services such as Hulu TV, YouTube TV, and Sling allow you to watch live TV over a stable internet connection. These services average about $35 per month. Still much cheaper than cable. The list of channels usually include your local channels and extended basic. Think of your 1-100 channels from standard cable. The faults are that you’re still missing out on your premiums likes HBO and Showtime and you’re losing your ability to channel surf. If tech isn’t your thing, streaming may not be as easy as you’d hope. All of these streaming options come in the form of apps. These apps can be downloaded on a smart TV or a smart device such as a Roku or apple tv.


Streaming Options
Live TV
Hulu allows you to watch a wide variety of shows the day after they’ve aired. They have multiple levels of subscriptions including a commercial option for about $10 a month. (Ah commercials, didn’t think you’d entirely avoid those, right?) Hulu also provides a live TV option for $40 a month. If you’re a sports fan, Hulu is my choice for streaming due to its easy to use layout and included channels. (BIG TEN NETWORK, SEC NETWORK, ETC)
Youtube is the classic online video source. A wide open database of user created videos. Recently Youtube has expanded to a different market, Live TV. similar to the others, Youtube offers a $40 paid subscription that allows you to watch live TV channels from a separate YouTube TV app.
Sling is another Streaming Platform that has made a pretty big name for itself due to its a-la-carte options. Sling starts at $25 a month for its “blue” or “orange” packages. Each with different channels. Users can add on “sports” or “entertainment” packages and see how it adds to their channel list and bill. Sling top package with all the bells and whistles maxes out at $60 per month.
DirectTV Now
A newcomer to the streaming circle. DirectTV now boasts the highest amount of channels available and starts at $45 per month. Like most streaming services, you have the ability to upgrade your package for additional channels. A bonus for HBO and Cinemax fans, due to their long lasting relationship, DirectTV’s add on price for these networks is only $5 a piece.
Fubo is a streaming service focused on sports especially soccer. While including some cable channels they certainly focus on sports giving you access to many soccer channels that other companies don’t provide.


The Rest
Every time you see your nephew he raves about Netflix. so much so that you want to give it a try. Netflix has rapidly grown into a household name and a juggernaut of content. While Netflix doesn’t show live TV, it has a robust library of previously aired shows and box offices movies. Recently, Netflix has been producing their own suburb content as well. Netflix subscriptions include but are not limited to a base, one TV option for $12 per month and a ultra HD that allows for 4K and HDR streaming for $14 per month.
Vudu is a popular app that specializes in movies. Blockbuster movies range from $5 to $10 to rent and $15 to $25 to purchase. Purchased movies are stored in Vudu’s system so you’re able to watch them from any platform. If you want to take advantage of your new 4k TV note that most are available in 4k and HDR. Vudu also has a selection of older movies for free that rotate throughout the year.
Hulu’s non live TV
Hulu started back in 2008 as a way to watch your favorite TV shows the day after they air without a cable subscription. Hulu’s basic plans still do just that. If you don’t need to watch live sports or shows then Hulu’s commercial plan at $10 per month would by far be the cheapest option for you.

Premium Networks
New Problem, Game of Thrones is your favorite show and you can’t miss it. There are streaming solutions available for you as well. Mostly all of the premium networks provide their own streaming services. Download the respective app, sign up for there paid monthly membership and press play. These memberships can range in price and the price depends on the network and streaming service you go with. Some streaming services such as Sling and Hulu allow you to add these premium networks into their plan. This provides you with a more cohesive service and combines your bills from both.

NBA League Pass is a standalone product that once you subscribe and pay you’ll have access to all NBA games league wide.
Unfortunately, NFL does not have a stand alone plan so you’ll need one of the above streaming services to watch. The good news is that all live streaming options will allow you to watch football is some aspect!
Similar to NBA, MLB has their season long subscription dubbed MLB.TV.
Most streaming companies don’t allow for much soccer. If you’re a fan, FuboTV is the best way to go.
NHL is similar to NBA and MLB whereas you can pay a set amount and receive access to all NHL’s league wide during the season.

Should You Switch?
Are you a tech savvy and wallet savvy? Cutting the cord might be the right option. Do you care about ease of use and simplicity? A traditional cable box may be the best choice.
The answer can only be determined on a person by person basis. Let Gamma Tech help you figure it out.
Reach out to us here we look forward to serving you!

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