Building a Home? Your Technology is a Service

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If you’ve ever built a home, you are well aware of the MANY decisions that need to be made in order for that home to be built. If it’s a custom home, it’s only exaggerated.

But, few items in your home are like the technology solution you choose. Let me explain.

The floor in your home, is ultimately a product. It’s easy to grasp and easy to recognize a poorly installed floor. There is skill to installing it, but choose the right builder and they’ll ensure the flooring is properly installed.

Same for the appliances, paint, concrete, landscaping, kitchen cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, garage door, and the list goes on…

But nothing in your home is so integral to everyday living as your home technology. And typically your builder is not as adept at recognizing a poorly installed system. Think about it. Especially if there is home automation in the home, who is going to ensure the automation works as designed? When the TV doesn’t turn on, who will be responsible for getting it working? Who will be responsible for ensuring the system is easy to use and operate? Who will ensure the system works as designed and isn’t constantly having issues?

All of these questions are who and not what. Sure it matters what system you buy, but the reality is if you buy the best system but have poor service, you really have nothing.

We see this all the time from customers. They purchase a Crestron system or a Savant system because one of their friends have it, or they have it in another home up north. But suddenly, they find the system is a complete nightmare to use and we are called to rip it out. The cause wasn’t because Savant and Crestron have a poorly made product, but instead the company that installed it offered a poor design and/or a poor level of service, rendering the system useless.

So the question ultimately becomes, are you buying a product or a service? And although your proposal may indicate you’re buying a list of products, it couldn’t be more misleading.

At Gamma Tech Services, we are a true service company. No other company offers such a high level of service and attention to detail. We won’t tell you that we never screw up, but when we do, we always make it right. Our staff are experts in their individual fields and put you, the customer, first. With 10 years of business under our belt, we have the reputation to prove the level of service we provide and as the owner I am in this for the long haul. At the end of the day, I personally stay current in all of the fields of services we offer to ensure I can personally take care of any concerns a customer may have.

It’s this winning formula that has allowed Gamma Tech Services to have staying power and year over year rapid growth without any conventional marketing.

So if you’re building a home, or really buying anything technology, ask yourself, “Am I buying a product, or a service.” And be sure to choose the right service company.

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