Facebook Newsfeed Explained

If you’ve seen pictures going around or your friends complaining about Facebook “hiding” your posts from your friends, than you’ll be interested in understanding the truth.

First of all, they are right in that your news feed is not a comprehensive list of all your FB friends’ posts. There is an algorithm that FB applies to load your news feed. The exact algorithm is based on logic that no one knows besides the FB programmers, but from what we can figure out is it is as follows:

1. If you have a new friend, their statuses are shown to you on your news feed.
2. If you do not “like” or comment on their statuses than their statuses begin to be hidden from your feed.
3. If a particular post of your friend’s gets more traction or likes, it will be shown on your feed. IE someone getting married or the like.
4. If you do not like these posts or comment on them, FB basically determines you are not interested in their posts and hides all of their posts.

This is all balanced and follows the ebb and flow of your likes, but that is the basic idea.

The pictures that promise to get more friends to see your posts work, sorta. They basically will trick the algorithm to think the post is gaining traction as your friends that normally see your post will hopefully all like and comment. The result is that friends that don’t see your posts normally will see your post…


There’s a cost. Most likely the friends that FB decides to show the post to will decide that the picture is just a “scam” and may not like post. The result is that FB will determine that those friends truly are not interested in your posts and not show them to those friends at all.

So the moral. Just use FB as you normally would and don’t try to trick it. It will have unintended consequences and they probably won’t be positive. FB pays software engineers thousands to ensure the algorithms are always one step ahead.

In the meantime, if you want to see your friends posts that aren’t showing up on your feed, go to more and then most recent.


The Internet is Changing

The Internet is changing, and it’s changing for the better.


That’s not a mistake. It’s actually our new web address, and it’s thanks to something called gTLDs. gTLDs were created to freshen up Internet web addresses by providing more endings to web addresses. Instead of .com, for example, we now have literally hundreds of new “endings” or extensions to choose from. And because of this, you may be able to get a new domain you never thought possible.

Take our new Gamma.Tech domain. I’ll admit, it looks a little strange at first, but when you consider that we had no chance of securing, it’s exciting to know we have a domain that’s not as long as Eventually, our email addresses will be “@Gamma.Tech” instead of “”. That’s exciting to say the least!

But .tech is just one option. The list is so long that I won’t take the time to list it here, but some of our favorites are:


Some of these get to be pretty short, and since they are all fairly new—with new ones being released weekly—now is the time to secure your perfect domain name. It will take some time before people get used to them, but when they do, you’ll have an awesome, short domain name that people can easily remember.

Checkout the full list of new gTLDs and visit a domain registrar like to register your new gTLDs today. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Should you wait for Windows 10?

On July 29th, 2015, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows, Windows 10. In the days since its release, we’ve received calls from several customers who are experiencing issues upgrading to Windows 10. As with any new product release, we recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10 until all of the initial kinks have been worked out. If you like to live on the cutting edge and can’t wait any longer, make sure you back up all of your data before you upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does the upgrade cost?
A: If you currently use Windows 7 or 8/8.1, the upgrade to Windows 10 is completely FREE! You have until July 29, 2016 to take advantage of your free upgrade.

Q: Can my computer run Windows 10?
A: If your computer meets the following minimum requirements, you can upgrade to Windows 10:

  • 1 Ghz or faster processor
  • 2 GB RAM for 64-bit; GB RAM for 32-bit machines
  • 20 GB storage for 64-bit; 16 GB storage for 32-bit machines

Q: Is it safe to upgrade to Windows 10?
A: Even though you a free to upgrade to Windows 10 if your system meets the requirements, we strongly encourage our customers to wait until most of the bugs from the initial release have been fixed. As we mentioned before, if you decide to upgrade, always make a backup of your data beforehand.

From now until August 31, 2015, we are running a Windows 10 Preparation Special. For just $150, you will receive:

  • 500 GB external backup hard drive
  • Automatic local backup software, configured to backup all documents, pictures, videos, favorites, and music.
  • Windows 10 compatibility check
  • Windows 10 reservation, if you are eligible to upgrade
  • 15% off Windows 10 installation service at a future date

Your Dreams Need a Pro

You just got a new entertainment system and you hook it all up. It’s great but you suddenly realize you have to use 7 different remotes just to use the TV. No worries. You pick up a Logitech Harmony remote at Best Buy that promises to be user programmable and problem is solved…

Except when someone else tries to use it. Or when you don’t point it long enough. Or the devices get out of sync.

Suddenly the money you saved by doing the setup yourself is starting to feel more like money wasted.

Thankfully, this isn’t a true story (or so we hope) and you can avoid this situation before it ever happens! Call us first.

There are many things that we as professionals can do that you simply cannot. There are products, resources, and tools that no matter how much you buy off Amazon, you’ll never have. All of these elements allow us to present you with a truly professional, enjoyable entertainment experience.

One example of these products and tools is our custom programmed remote controls. Our remotes are different than what you can buy at Best Buy or Amazon, and unlike Logitech remotes, there is no need for a “help” button.

The secret has to do with what’s called discrete on/off. Discrete on/off as the name suggests allows us to specify and separate on from off. A “power” button on the other hand simply switches the device from one power state to another. If it’s on, it turns off and vice versa. This is how off the shelf remotes work and the result is frustrating. If you have 4 devices to turn on to watch TV and you hit the “Watch TV” activity you may find that one device didn’t respond and stayed off. No problem, just do it again, except this time they all turned off except the one that missed previously which is now on. You finally just end up getting up and manually getting everything to turn on.

Our remotes on the other hand are discrete. Meaning we tell each device to turn either on or off and not “power.” The result is that devices never get out of sync and if they do, simply press the activity button again and watch as everything syncs back together. It truly is dummy proof.

Our remotes offer other advantages like rechargeable batteries so you aren’t having to replace batteries frequently and radio frequency control so that you can control components in another room or behind a closed cabinet door. This allows for a much cleaner look as now you can hide that ugly box from Comcast in the cabinet below the TV.

If you are in need of a universal remote trust no one but Gamma Tech Services. We have installed hundreds, if not thousands, of remotes and each one is customizable for your needs/wants.

It’s time to start actually enjoying your system and the remote is the first step to doing so. It’s the main part you interact with and we argue one of the most important. Get a remote today from us and don’t look back.