Company Values

At Gamma Tech Services we use our gifts to serve people! Everyone on our team is unique. Our skills and abilities equip us to lend a helping hand in every situation. Our values shape our decisions. From the largest to smallest decisions or actions, we operate in alignment with what we believe.

We strive to be people who embody our values in business, at home and everywhere we go. Our core truth is that people matter. The goal is that everyone we serve is treated in a way that visibly illustrates our values.

After You


We strive to put the needs of others before our own and take joy in their success.

We Are A Body


Individual talents and gifts working together as one with the understanding no one person is able to do everything.

Bona Fide


Character matters all the time, even if we think nobody is around.

Principles Not Perfection


We know we all make mistakes and extend the grace we have received to those around us.

Never Give Up


We are hungry to succeed in whatever we do.



There is nothing more important than family, both inside and outside the office.

Free Guac!


Going above and beyond at no extra charge!