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You just got a new entertainment system and you hook it all up. It’s great but you suddenly realize you have to use 7 different remotes just to use the TV. No worries. You pick up a Logitech Harmony remote at Best Buy that promises to be user programmable and problem is solved…

Except when someone else tries to use it. Or when you don’t point it long enough. Or the devices get out of sync.

Suddenly the money you saved by doing the setup yourself is starting to feel more like money wasted.

Thankfully, this isn’t a true story (or so we hope) and you can avoid this situation before it ever happens! Call us first.

There are many things that we as professionals can do that you simply cannot. There are products, resources, and tools that no matter how much you buy off Amazon, you’ll never have. All of these elements allow us to present you with a truly professional, enjoyable entertainment experience.

One example of these products and tools is our custom programmed remote controls. Our remotes are different than what you can buy at Best Buy or Amazon, and unlike Logitech remotes, there is no need for a “help” button.

The secret has to do with what’s called discrete on/off. Discrete on/off as the name suggests allows us to specify and separate on from off. A “power” button on the other hand simply switches the device from one power state to another. If it’s on, it turns off and vice versa. This is how off the shelf remotes work and the result is frustrating. If you have 4 devices to turn on to watch TV and you hit the “Watch TV” activity you may find that one device didn’t respond and stayed off. No problem, just do it again, except this time they all turned off except the one that missed previously which is now on. You finally just end up getting up and manually getting everything to turn on.

Our remotes on the other hand are discrete. Meaning we tell each device to turn either on or off and not “power.” The result is that devices never get out of sync and if they do, simply press the activity button again and watch as everything syncs back together. It truly is dummy proof.

Our remotes offer other advantages like rechargeable batteries so you aren’t having to replace batteries frequently and radio frequency control so that you can control components in another room or behind a closed cabinet door. This allows for a much cleaner look as now you can hide that ugly box from Comcast in the cabinet below the TV.

If you are in need of a universal remote trust no one but Gamma Tech Services. We have installed hundreds, if not thousands, of remotes and each one is customizable for your needs/wants.

It’s time to start actually enjoying your system and the remote is the first step to doing so. It’s the main part you interact with and we argue one of the most important. Get a remote today from us and don’t look back.

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