Property-Wide WiFi

Wireless networking (WiFi) for larger homes in Naples can be a challenge. So much so that much of our competition actually relies on us for design and support! With Gamma Tech Services you can trust that no home is too large for reliable, high speed, secure, whole home WiFi. We have installed systems covering over 60,000 sqft for our commercial clients that require mission critical, high density WiFi.

Our WiFi networks have attracted so much attention that in 2014 Summit Broadband chose Gamma Tech Services to lead the charge for residents switching from Comcast. They wanted to be sure their customers could enjoy their highest Internet speeds with the luxury of a wireless connection. And we delivered! Many Pelican Bay residents elected to hire us to ensure their home had blazing fast Internet in every room.

Contact us today to have us design a custom tailored whole home WiFi system! It’s time to cut the wires without sacrificing speed, reliability, or security.